The Driveway Chorale

The Arlington-Belmont Chorale Presents its Driveway Choir Event!

               In 2020, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, group singing was determined to be a "super-spreading event,” and all in-person choral singing ceased. Choral groups were looking for ways to sing together while following social distancing recommendations to avoid spreading COVID-19.
               In 2021, our Chorale members participated in a unique musical experience called the “Driveway Choir” that offers singers the opportunity to sing together in real time and to hear colleagues singing while in a safe setting, one’s own car!  On a warm weekend day, 35 Chorale members gathered in their own cars in an industrial parking lot in Woburn. Once the cars formed a semicircle around our Musical Director Barry Singer, hand-held microphones were distributed and connected to a mixing sound board.  Each car tuned its radio to the designated FM channel. As we sang, the sound board captured the individual voices, mixed them into one sound that was transmitted via the FM channel to our car radios.  This was the first time in over a year that we heard ourselves singing and harmonizing together in real time!
               Our thanks to Kathryn and Bryce Denney for their expertise and their time to bring to our Chorale the joy of once again singing together live.  For further information on the Driveway Choir, please go to
Photography by Rick Montross and Fred Moses

Our singing event is presented below:

* Ave Verum Corpus by W.A. Mozart

* The Road Not Taken by Randall Thompson

* Thou Whose Harmony Is the Music of the Spheres by Stephen Chatman

* Hold Me, Rock Me by Brian Tate

* Let Me Not to the Marriage of True Minds by Tamsin Jones
(Sung by the Arlington-Belmont Chamber Chorus)

* Peace I Leave with You by Amy Beach