Larisa Miller, APO
Judy Tesnow, ABC
Vice President
Julia Harper, ABC
Alice Adler, ABC
Jack Connors, ABC
Larisa has been a PSA member since 2009. She plays violin, enjoys designing publicity materials with the other graphics designers and was elected to serve as the President of the PSA in June 2019. Larisa is a native of Croatia, and has been residing in the Boston area since 2000. She is a pharmaceutical industry professional with many hobbies, including serious dwellings into Yoga and Ayurveda.




Judy has sung alto with the Chorale since 1974. During these many years, she served as Chorale Chair, Pops Chair, Pops Raffle Coordinator, Chorale Publicity Coordinator and Board member. She rejoined the PSA Board in 2018 and currently serves as the Board Vice-President. In retirement, Judy continues to expand her creativity making natural stone jewelry through her small business, JT Jewelry.




Julia has been an alto in the Chorale and Chamber Chorus for 30 years, and has also performed solo piano pieces at Chamber concerts. Julia has served as Chorale chair, PSA President and Treasurer, and is currently serving as Treasurer again. Julia was a Senior Principal Engineer at Sun Microsystems/ Oracle but is now retired.  She lives in Arlington.






Alice is a soprano who joined the Chorale in 2002. She has served as a Board member and the PSA’s Clerk since 2008. Alice is a member of the Music Committee, and helps each year with the PSA’s citrus fundraisers. She lives in Lexington, and is a semi-retired biochemist who researched proteins in the retina.







A long time Arlington resident, Jack has sung bass as a member and soloist in both the Chorale and Chamber Chorus since 1982. He has served as Chorale Librarian since 1983 and has produced Chorale and Chamber Chorus concert programs for the past 15 years. Jack has twice served as PSA President for a total of 12 years and is currently the PSA Librarian and the PSA’s web master. He is now retired after working for the US Air Force for more then 40 years.





Julie Belock, ABC

Mira Dandridge, APO

Adam Dixon, APO

Julie Goldberg, APO

Mayumi Kearns, ABC

Julie Belock has been a member of the alto section of the Chorale since 2002. During that time she has also occasionally sung in the Chamber Chorus. She has chaired the annual PSA Sponsorship drive for 4 years. In the fall of 2019, she joined the PSA Board. Julie is a mathematics professor at Salem State University and lives in Somerville with her husband and son.

Mira has been a cellist with orchestra since 2012 and joined the Board in 2020. She previously was in the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra and served on the Board. Mira has performed with the MIT Gilbert and Sullivan Players, the Boston Bar Association Orchestra and On-Stage at Symphony Hall in 2015. She worked at the Massachusetts Trial Court in Human Resources for many years and is now semi-retired.

An Indiana native, Adam resides in Arlington, MA and is part of the Orchestra’s Bassoon section. He has been the Chairperson of the Orchestra and a PSA Board Member since 2012. Adam has led various programs for the PSA including the Young Artist Competition (YAC) and the annual Strawberry and Ice Cream Festival. Professionally, Adam is employed by CenturyLink, a Global Communications provider, as an account relationship manager where he has been working since 2002. During the summer months (and even winter), Adam enjoys the New England coastlines, especially Bar Harbor, ME.

Julie is an Arlington resident and has played in the flute section of the Orchestra for over 30 years. She is a member of the Orchestra Committee, the Music Library Committee, and Orchestra Publicity Committee. Julie is a rehabilitative audiologist by profession. One of her favorite hobbies is studying bird calls.

Mayumi has been with the Chorale since moving here from California in 2009. This is her first year as Chorale chair and first year on the board. She is a kindergarten teacher and in her spare time, she likes to read, run and bake.






Larry has been a violinist with the Orchestra since 2012. In addition to being a Board member, he continues to serve as chair of the Orchestra Library Committee. Larry is a senior software engineer at MathWorks and has worked in software development for 30 years. Previously he attended Arizona State University where he majored in Music Theory/ Composition and Violin Performance under Dr. Frank Spinosa.

Fred has sung bass as a member of the Chorale for over 10 years and has been a member of the PSA Board for many of those. He served as the PSA’s web master for several years. Fred plays oboe with the SVNHM band of Wayland. He volunteers as a software engineer, manager, and photographer for several nonprofit organizations.

Jean has been a part of the Philharmonic since she was in utero as her mother was Phyllis Spence, our Concert Mistress for 40 plus years! She played the flute in the Orchestra. Jean has served on the Board as a community “at large” member for many years. She has staffed the ticket table for the PSA’s orchestral and choral concerts, served on the Pops Concert Ticket Table selling Pops tickets, and been a valuable staff on the YAC committee helping to organize this event.

Ernie lives in Arlington and is a retired high technology executive and former professor of Computer Science. He has played oboe and English horn most of his life, sings tenor, and is studying cello. He serves on several corporate and non-profit boards, including the PSA Board as community “at-large” member, and is currently President of the Board of the Powers Music School.

Gary has been a member of the Orchestra’s cello section for many years. He also plays in the APO’s wind section on clarinet, bass clarinet and saxophone. Gary has chaired the conductor search committees and serves on the Orchestra Committee, the Music Committee, and the Board nominating committee.
He is now a retired businessperson.






Nancy has been a member of the Society and a clarinetist with the Orchestra since 2015. She has been a part of the PSA’s graphic design team creating concert publicity flyers and the PSA Yearbook. She became a member of the Board in 2019. Nancy is a Professor of Graphic Design at the Rhode Island School of Design and an American Institute of Graphic Design (AIGA) medalist.

John is a community “at large” PSA Board member who especially enjoys choral and piano music as a listener and performer. He works on laser communications technology at MIT and is a private pilot who has flown to 32 states.