2020 Young Artist Competition Winners

The Peter Tannenwald Division is named in memory of one the Young Artist Competition’s foremost supporters. Awards for the older competitors (over 18 years old) are a First prize of $1000 and a solo appearance with either the Philharmonic Orchestra or the Chorale during the following concert season, and Second and Third Prizes of $650 and $350 respectively.

The Leonard D. Wood Awards, named in honor of Maestro Wood who conducted the Orchestra for many years, are intended to reward excellence in our younger contestants and to encourage them to continue to compete. They are awarded to contestants who are 18 years of age or younger.  The Wood Awards are $500 for First Place, $350 for Second Place and $150 for Third Place.

The Penelope Davis Hart Honorable Mentions ($100) are awarded at the discretion of the judges.

Judging of the 2020 competition was completed on May 16th.  The prize winners in the overall competition are:

The Peter Tannenwald Division

1st Place:  EKATERINA SKLIAR, Domra (Performance Award with $1000)

2nd Place:  KWAN YEUNG BRIAN CHOI, Violin ($650)

3rd Place:  CHING-YI LIN, Piano ($350)

Honorable Mention: MATHILDE HANDELSMAN, Piano , COURTNEY ELVIRA, Mezzo-soprano

The Leonard D. Wood Division

1st Place:  EUNICE PARK, Violin (11) ($500)

2nd Place:  NATALIE ZHANG, Piano (15) ($350)

3rd Place:  ISAAC LAING, Cello (16) ($150)

Honorable Mention: KAITLYN KAMINUMA, Violin (15) and ZOEY LONG, Viola (15)