2023 Young Artist Competition Winners

The Leonard D. Wood Division is named in memory of a long-time music director of the Arlington Philharmonic Orchestra and is for those competitors 18 years of age and younger.  Awards are a First prize of $500, a Second prize of $350, and a Third prize of $150.

The 2023 Young Artist Competition was conducted with live auditions in both divisions on May 13th and the prize winners of the Wood Division  are:

1st Place:  ANDREW Y. KIM, age 16, Cello ($500)

2nd Place:  JOYLYN KIM, age 17, Violin ($350)

3rd Place: PEI-SHIUAN LIN, age 17, Violin ($150)

The Peter Tannenwald Division is named in memory of one the Young Artist Competition's foremost supporters. Awards are a First prize of $1000 and a solo appearance with either the Philharmonic Orchestra or the Chorale during the following concert season, and Second and Third Prizes of $650 and $350 respectively.

The Penelope Davis Hart Honorable Mentions ($100) are awarded at the discretion of the judges.

 The Tannenwald Division prize winners are:

1st Place:  MITSURU YONEZAKI, Violin (Performance Award with $1000)

2nd Place:  MADISON HOLTZE, Soprano ($650)

3rd Place:  WILLIAM SUH, Cello ($350)

Honorable Mentions: JAY JULIO, Viola;  SOJEONG KIM, Oboe;  YEIM LEE, Violin;  SARA MITNIK, Mezzo-Soprano