The "Nimrod" Project

In the midst of the pandemic, in order to maintain their  "chops," Maestro Cela proposed that the Orchestra make a collaborative video of a well-known piece and here it is.

.“Nimrod” is the ninth variation of Elgar’s “Enigma Variation,” and it refers to Augustus Jaeger, a music publisher in London. There was a point in time when Elgar was very depressed, and about to give up writing music, but Jaeger encouraged him to continue composing. Today, the Arlington Phil performs this work as a way of saying that, no matter how difficult the times, we will continue making music.

Orchestra members were asked to play their own part. Those who were able to submit recordings were given certain parameters, then the videos were edited together, and the sound mixed to account for the different recording levels. All the playing in the video is done by the shown players.”



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The PSA welcomes musicians of every race, religion, and cultural background. We are deeply saddened and outraged by the death of George Floyd and the circumstances under which it occurred.

We stand in solidarity with the peaceful protesters who participate in anti-racism marches, rallies, and vigils across the nation.

We have been privileged to have performed works written by black composers, many of whom have succeeded despite hardships related to prejudice.

The PSA will continue to provide a voice to those who have been culturally silenced, letting their music and stories be heard. With our hearts and minds, we make a commitment to continue to promote the changes that are so desperately needed.


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